Monday, October 26, 2009

SheevaPlug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SheevaPlug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "The SheevaPlug is one of the first 'Plug computers' to be available on the market. It features a 1.2GHz Marvell Kirkwood 6281 ARM-compatible CPU (aka Feroceon). The device has already been accredited as an 'NSLU2 killer' due to its low price (and the discontinued status of the NSLU2). [1]
The SheevaPlug comes supplied with Ubuntu 9.04 ARM build.[2] The SheevaPlug has been supported since Kernel 2.6.27 and is currently shipping with 2.6.30-rc5 [3] Marvell offers a development kit to assist in the development of software for the platform. The kit includes the GCC cross-compiler for ARM and a method for accessing the device's debug console. The debug console is accessed over a direct serial link via a connection to its onboard mini USB JTAG. The debug console supports access from either Linux or Windows.[4]"

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