Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An 'Eat Well, Sleep Well' Portfolio - 03/06/2010

An 'Eat Well, Sleep Well' Portfolio - 03/06/2010

15 income picks to put your mind at rest.

Decent income shares should permit an investor to both eat well and sleep well, reckon portfolio managers and stockbrokers Collins Stewart Wealth Management. And the emphasis is on both eating well and sleeping well, it stresses.

Because merely picking the highest yielders isn't a strategy for sleeping well, it notes. "While indiscriminate holders of last year's highest yielders may now be grating white truffle on to every meal, they will undoubtedly have arrived here tortuously underslept," the firm observes, wryly.

When Collins Stewart ran its 'eat well, sleep well' screen last summer, just nine stocks were thrown up, four of which the firm the firm discarded for either company-specific or sector-specific reasons.

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