Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tilson's value opportunities

In an article in the FT in May 2007, Whitney Tilson highlighted areas of opportunities for value investors. These are:
  1. out-of-favour blue chips
  2. turnarounds
  3. cyclicals at the bottom of the cylce
  4. distressed industries
  5. overlooked small caps
  6. growth companies that slow down
  7. growth at reasonable price
  8. piggybacking on activism
  9. spin-offs
  10. post-bankruptcies
  11. vehicles of investment superstars (e.g. Berkshire hathaway)
  12. free/mispriced asset/option
  13. declining cash cow
  14. poorly understood companies
  15. discounts to the sum of the parts
Read the full article for elaboration.

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