Saturday, February 25, 2012

Change from blogger

I've decided to change, at least for awhile, from using Google's Blogspot to Wordpress. I am becoming more interesting in Linux, and have found that Blogspot was rather finicky with privoxy, my web proxy. BTW, I highly recommend using privoxy to filter out a lot of the garbage that is pumped onto web pages. It looks as though Privoxy is blocking some crucial aspect of the way that Blogspot works. So it's a case that either Blogspot goes, or Privoxy goes. Importantly, Wordpress has a search facility. So there now doesn't seem much of a reason for me to stick with Blogspot. Even better, I can author posts in "Blogilo" - a neat little offline tool for KDE, and perform an upload from that. It's not looking good for Google. Google: Wordpress:

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