Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PIC notes notes: Google TV failed to catch on in US last year due to antipathy of major US broadcasters, who saw it as a threat and promptly blocked it. Steve Jobs was "well aware" that Apple TV wasn't going to take over the world, calling it [Tim Cook's] hobby. Recent study showed children watch almost as much TV as a decade ago.

To what extent might Google be a disruptive tech that over the long haul will displace encumbents?

Interesting recent development : PIC launches 'Elements' software platform with cloud-based capabilities. The platform's open modular design allows one to add new features to their services quickly and cheaply. Sounds like operators can program new features, and make them easily available. Examples include personalising football viewing, recommending must-see moments to friends, as well as popular social networking.

Three modular products were mentioned:
  • Cobalt - hazy specifics
  • Oxygen - the front end
  • Tungsten - device software and middleware

This sounds quite exciting, and it will be interesting to see to what extent broadcasters utilise this feature.

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