Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sticky situations fund - update

Just a bit of fun to update the sticky situations fund.

  EPIC       THEN        NOW      PERF%      FTAS%
 PIC.L     107.70     101.20      -6.04     -11.47
 SHG.L      23.00      27.14      18.01     -11.12
 CWK.L     644.00     617.00      -4.19      -9.65
TALK.L     134.30     126.10      -6.11       0.25
 CPP.L     126.50     150.00      18.58       6.05
  JD.L     872.00     825.00      -5.39      -1.20
 ICP.L     229.60     239.60       4.36      -1.27
PTEC.L     303.25     298.75      -1.48       2.66

PERF% is percentage gain on share, FTAS% on All-share
XIRR sticky:      45.00% (Internal Rate Return)
XIRR   FTAS:     -46.00% (Internal Rate Return)

It's still far too early to draw any meaningful conclusions. SHG (Shanta Gold) is still doing the business. CPP (CPP Group) is continuing to do well, and ICP (Intermediate Capital) is starting to come good. I've had my eye on ICP for a few months, and despite thinking that they looked a good bet, their share price didn't go anywhere. RSI indicates that ICP has been oversold (but then, what share isn't oversold according to RSI this last week?). ICP has a beta of 1.23, it's a financial, it's on a PER of 7, which is about the cheapest it's been for a decade, there have been director purchases a few months ago, and management statements have been really positive. I have high hopes for this one.

PTEC hasn't exactly flown out of the gate. The shares aren't oversold on RSI (although it's pretty close to 30%). It has a beta of 0.74, so maybe it wont respond much to the thrills and spills of the wider market. Maybe it will continue going down for awhile, as people work off their frustrations with the postponement of the dividend. I am unphased about the postponement, as the directors seem to have identified some interesting acquisition opportunities. So what, now investors don't like growth? I wrote about its magic-formula-type characteristics  here , along with David Einhorn owning nearly 4% of it. Perhaps not too much emphasis should be placed on this, as he also owns the Mets, which I imagine is a vanity rather than business investment. It looks like my timing is going to prove off-base on this one.

Wish me luck on this little experiment of mine. And happy and successful investing to you guys, too.

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