Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've been learning my "R" programming language. It's a free tool, and what a great statistical analyser it is. Anyway, I'm searching for "dividend stocks", and those that have had increasing dividends every year, including projected amounts. My database is from July, but should include at least all the FTSE350 companies with the exception of investment trusts. I've processed 537 companies in all. Out of those, 117 pass the increasing dividend test. Not all of the companies have a long dividend record - which is part of the point of the investigation - but it's something that I'll work on in the next phase. So treat this as a jumping-off point to search for quality stocks.

Glancing down offhand, I see BATS (British Amer Tob) obviously, BVIC (Britvic) the soft drinks company, CWK (Cranswick) the sausage amkers, DGE (Diageo) the not-so-soft drinks company, DNO (Domino Printing Sciences), GRG (Greggs) the bakers, SGE (Sage) the software company, TSCO (Tescos) the supermarkets, ULVR (Unilever), VOD (Vodafone). Absent is MRW (Morrisons), which kept its divvie constant 2005. SBRY got lopped off the list, it looks like because it had a rights issue, which distorts the divvie figure. It's going to be difficult to make those kind of adjustments. Anyway, here's the list so far:

        htms EPIC  DMO
1    3in.htm  3in TRUE
3    abc.htm  abc TRUE
4    abf.htm  abf TRUE
7   achl.htm achl TRUE
8    adm.htm  adm TRUE
13   agk.htm  agk TRUE
15   agr.htm  agr TRUE
22  amec.htm amec TRUE
25   aml.htm  aml TRUE
29  ancr.htm ancr TRUE
30  anto.htm anto TRUE
48  avgr.htm avgr TRUE
51   avv.htm  avv TRUE
52  azem.htm azem TRUE
55   bab.htm  bab TRUE
56   bag.htm  bag TRUE
58  bats.htm bats TRUE
60   bby.htm  bby TRUE
62   bet.htm  bet TRUE
63  bez .htm bez  TRUE
64   bg..htm  bg. TRUE
71   blt.htm  blt TRUE
75  bnzl.htm bnzl TRUE
88  bvic.htm bvic TRUE
95  capc.htm capc TRUE
117 clln.htm clln TRUE
118  cna.htm  cna TRUE
123  cpg.htm  cpg TRUE
124  cpi.htm  cpi TRUE
125  cpp.htm  cpp TRUE
127  cpw.htm  cpw TRUE
128 crda.htm crda TRUE
131  csn.htm  csn TRUE
138  cwk.htm  cwk TRUE
144  dge.htm  dge TRUE
150  dln.htm  dln TRUE
152 dnlm.htm dnlm TRUE
153  dno.htm  dno TRUE
154  dom.htm  dom TRUE
156 dplm.htm dplm TRUE
171 emis.htm emis TRUE
176 essr.htm essr TRUE
179 expn.htm expn TRUE
185 fdsa.htm fdsa TRUE
187  fgp.htm  fgp TRUE
192  fsj.htm  fsj TRUE
193 fsta.htm fsta TRUE
202  gfs.htm  gfs TRUE
209  gnk.htm  gnk TRUE
211  go..htm  go. TRUE
217  grg.htm  grg TRUE
219  gsk.htm  gsk TRUE
222  hat.htm  hat TRUE
225  hfd.htm  hfd TRUE
226  hfg.htm  hfg TRUE
230 hils.htm hils TRUE
231  hl..htm  hl. TRUE
233 hlma.htm hlma TRUE
235  hmy.htm  hmy TRUE
240  hsd.htm  hsd TRUE
241  hsp.htm  hsp TRUE
244  hsx.htm  hsx TRUE
247  hyc.htm  hyc TRUE
248  hzn.htm  hzn TRUE
251  iap.htm  iap TRUE
254  idh.htm  idh TRUE
258  igg.htm  igg TRUE
266  imt.htm  imt TRUE
273 intq.htm intq TRUE
278  irv.htm  irv TRUE
279 isat.htm isat TRUE
282 itrk.htm itrk TRUE
288  jhd.htm  jhd TRUE
291 jmat.htm jmat TRUE
292  jup.htm  jup TRUE
296 kenz.htm kenz TRUE
321  lsp.htm  lsp TRUE
324 mail.htm mail TRUE
327 mayg.htm mayg TRUE
328  mbt.htm  mbt TRUE
332  mer.htm  mer TRUE
333 metp.htm metp TRUE
348 mony.htm mony TRUE
359  mto.htm  mto TRUE
363  ng..htm  ng. TRUE
368  nwf.htm  nwf TRUE
369 nwg .htm nwg  TRUE
383  pay.htm  pay TRUE
386  pfc.htm  pfc TRUE
392  php.htm  php TRUE
398  pnn.htm  pnn TRUE
406 pson.htm pson TRUE
409  pzc.htm  pzc TRUE
434  ror.htm  ror TRUE
435  rpc.htm  rpc TRUE
436  rps.htm  rps TRUE
440  rsl.htm  rsl TRUE
442  rtn.htm  rtn TRUE
458  sge.htm  sge TRUE
459  sgp.htm  sgp TRUE
468  sl..htm  sl. TRUE
480  spx.htm  spx TRUE
481  srp.htm  srp TRUE
482  sse.htm  sse TRUE
492  sxs.htm  sxs TRUE
493  syr.htm  syr TRUE
494 talk.htm talk TRUE
503 tlpr.htm tlpr TRUE
507 tsco.htm tsco TRUE
508  tt..htm  tt. TRUE
514  ule.htm  ule TRUE
515 ulvr.htm ulvr TRUE
518  vaa.htm  vaa TRUE
519  vct.htm  vct TRUE
525  vod.htm  vod TRUE
528 weir.htm weir TRUE
536  wtb.htm  wtb TRUE

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