Friday, December 30, 2011

Diary: Private investor calls

Six months ago, I listed some shares that private investors considered buys and sells - a mechanical strategy based on looking through the stats published by TD Waterhouse.

So, how did investors get on?

On the buys, the returns were: CWC 0.94 NG. 1.01 PIC 0.67 VOD 1.09. The mean is 0.93. So the portfolio lost 7%. The All-Share lost 8%. So, about neck-and-neck. Too bad about the selection of PIC. Camalot94 will be happy with his decision to sell NG and buy VOD. He'd be up 17% against the index. Mustn't grumble at that! VOD's got a special divvie coming up in February 2012, too. Very nice.

On the sells, the returns were: ANTO 0.86 EO 1.26 SOLO 0.43. That's a mean of 0.84, so the portfolio lost 16%. EO was a bit of a sell mistake, but the mean is pretty good.

The buys didn't prove to be especially inspired, although, like last time, private investors were good at spotting at the dogs on the sell side.

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