Saturday, December 24, 2011


Famous last words

Tweets that I kept a note of. Let's see how they work out.

05-Dec-2011 Tweet MrContrarian Mr Contrarian
RT @economonitor: No country has had investment growth like China's & not had a debt crisis levels and stalled growth.

07-Dec-2011 paulypilot Paul Scott
#Fillyaboots time with £FCCN at 44p. Net cash 35p/share, great wholesale, o/seas & licensing. UK retail obv shit atm, but will turn asp.
[FCCN 47.00p -4.12(-8.07%)]

08-Dec-2011 MrContrarian Mr Contrarian
Sold Tullett Prebon (£TLPR) at loss on resignation of COO. No reason. Prob a row with Terry Smith or sacked. Also ebroking vol dn 7% in Nov.

15-Dec-2011 valuewalk VALUEWALK LLC
Oakmark's Bill Nygren: Large Cap Stocks Attractive, People Will Wish They Had Bought Financials $DJI $JNJ $KO $PG $XLF

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