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OOVM A/S (Object Oriented Virtual Machines) which develop a unique and advanced software development platform. OOVM develops the next generation software platform for embedded systems to dramatically improve productivity, serviceability, and reliability.

The OOVM platform is based on a small object-oriented virtual machine, which runs directly on hardware without the need for an operating system. All software components are compiled to safe, ultra compact bytecodes and executed on top of the virtual machine. The compactness makes it possible to fit the virtual machine, core libraries, device drivers, TCP/IP networking stack, and user applications in less than 128KB of memory. The OOVM platform supports pure object-oriented programming. Programmers familiar with object-oriented programming can take advantage of their skills and immediately start developing for embedded devices. Object-orientation enables software reuse. Since bytecodes are independent of the underlying hardware, software components can be reused across different hardware architectures.

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