Monday, November 22, 2010

How much do CDs cost?

Price comparisons

In May 2009, unless otherwise stated, I did a survey of prices for CDs. Here's the results:
eBuyer: Datasafe 52xCD-R 100 pack spindle: £10.53
Everest Technology: TDK 52xCD-R 50 pack spindle £7.83
GOA Office wanted to charge £11.88 for 50 CDs. I can't remember if that's net/gross and with/without discount
Insight: TDK 50xCD-R 50 pack spindle £10.34
Insight: Imation 52xCD-R 100 pack spindle £14.94
PC World: Verbatim 100 pack CDs £19.99 (June 2008)
All prices include VAT.

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