Saturday, November 13, 2010

InfoEnclosure 2.0

By Dmytri Kleiner & Brian Wyrick

PeerCast, an innovative peer-to-peer live video streaming network that
has been in existence for several years longer than YouTube, is
virtually unknown.

From this perspective, it can be said that Web 2.0 is capitalism's
preemptive attack against P2P systems. Despite their many
disadvantages in comparison to these, Web 2.0 is more attractive to
investors, and thus has more money to fund and promote centralised
solutions. The end result of this is that capitalist investment flowed
into centralised solutions making them easy and cheap or free for
non-technical information producers to adopt. Thus, this ease of
access compared to the more technically challenging and expensive
undertaking of owning your own means of information production created
a 'landless' information proletariat ready to provide alienated
content-creating labour for the the new info-landlords of Web 2.0.

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