Monday, March 7, 2011

Woodford's exposure to private equity at all time high

Citywire has an article where they comment about Neil Woodford:
he is finding more value in private firms than at any point in his career. ... "We haven’t had this much exposure to unquoted companies since I joined Invesco Perpetual"
In a recent post, I mentioned that some private equity investment trusts were trading at discounts to NAV in their 30's. I expressed particular interest in CYS.L (Chrysalis VCT), a VCT where there were director purchases, share buybacks, a discount to NAV of nearly 40%, and a yield of 6%. The shares have fallen in the meantime from 50p where I first bought, to 48.5p, although the shares have gone ex-dividend during that time. The dividend amounts to 1.5p. The reported NAV seems to be steadily creeping upwards, too; on 25 Feb 2011 management reported that NAV stood at 83.20p as at 31 Jan 2011. The shares stand at approximately 40% discount to NAV.

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