Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bizarre spam

I don't know why, but today I decided to actually look at the contents of my spam mail, and came across a bizarre offer of a puppy. That's right, a puppy. It is such a strange concept that I thought I'd share the message with you. Here's the text of the message:
How are you today, My name is Esther Brown I am a consultant
gynecologist surgeon and oncologist doctor, I work for different
prominent hospital, me and my husband are giving out this little puppy
for free (Adoption),This little girl weighs 1.3Lbs at 9 weeks old &
should be 3Lbs when full grown only. She is very friendly with children
she fit in both Palms of your hands. She is AKC/CERF registered puppy
.Adorable and sociable with great Personalities and very good
bloodlines. She is vet-checked, up to date on shots and deforming, and
is health is guaranteed. Recently checked by a licensed Vet Doctor for
heart, knees, skin, correct bite, and eyes. Bottom and straight sides
and tender, she is A.K.C and CERF registered and shots are given up to
date. She will come along with Travel crate, AKC/CERF Registered
Papers, Toys and Food and Birth Certificate, I resided in the state
with my husband but after my son's death me and my husband moved to
Africa due  to our work and we have the puppy
Thanks,Esther Brown.
Unfortunately, I don't live in Africa, so any animals would have to be mailed to me personally. Esther is way ahead of me on that one, though, as the puppy "will come along with a Travel crate". Let's hope that the crate is small, to save on postage.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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Yorkiem said...

That takes the (dog) biscuit ;)