Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diary: metal, director deals

A video from Interactive Investor proffers the following views:
  • silver is a warrant on the price of gold - so expect "brutal" volatility
  • copper has many industrial uses - which he rates as a warrant on global economic activity
  • "rare earth minerals" - apparently, geologically speaking, they're not that rare. Presently, 95% of production comes from China, giving it something of a monopoly. These minerals are very useful in high-tech electronic equipment
Director deal - September
My pick of director deals for September. The final choice is heavily influenced by the Greenblatt Ranking. I haven't spent much time on the choice. In the list are: UTV, JLF, VED, MTC, KFX, STHR, ADM, PGB, DPLM, VPP, CEY, LOND, EMG.

I choose: PGB (Pilat Media Global). PER 13.8, MKT CAP £22m, PFCF 8.1, PBV 1.18, Net cash 4.7m.

Here's the portfolio:

06-Apr-2011  ICP    3020    330   3133
01-May-2011  WLF    4149    239   3155
05-Jun-2011  SNR    6535    153   3058
03-Jul-2011  RTN    3355    298   3120
01-Aug-2011  CWC   23696   42.2   3026
01-Sep-2011  LOOK  19043   52.5   2800
05-Oct-2011  PGB   27027   37.0   2606

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