Thursday, December 30, 2010


Here's some stats that makes BLT look favourable:
SP  2610p
PBV 1.85 (10-year median: 3.35, implying an 81% gain)
GG  53% - well capitalised
ROC 30% - high returns on capital
EY  21% - cheap price (EV adjusted)
MKT £57b
PE  14 - reasonable PE, with 2011F inc. of 50%, and 2012F inc. of 6%
YLD 2.1% - low yield, but not unsettling given other positive traits

The current level of the Footsie is 6010.69

On 01-Dec-2010, the director mr Nasser bought, on market, the equivalent of 40,000 shares (at about £25ps), for approx. £1m. On 08-Dec, for example, the company bought 350,000 of its own shares at c. £24.51 ps, for approx £8.5m. There are numerous other share buybacks occuring in November and December.

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