Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thimbl-CLI: Added following and unfollow

In my recent github push, I renamed the command thimbl to climbl, which stands for "command-line thimbl". I wanted to reorganise my python modules, because I was having a tedious time getting the "thortune" cron job working. I'm still not sure if it's working, as cron has its own very tedious ideas about its environment. Someone really ought to invent a cron that Just Works (TM).

I also added two commands to Thimbl:
  • following - which prints out the people you are following
  • unfollow - which removes someone from the list of followings
Following is easy enough to use:
    climbl following

To use unfollow, you need to supply an address, as so:
   climbl unfollow foo@example.com


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