Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GRG.L - Greggs purchase

Yesterday, I made a purchase of Greggs, the retailer bakery. Here are some pertinant stats for it:
Share Price: 443.5p
Footsie: 5773.49
z 6.22
mkt cap £445.61
PER 12.45
Yld 3.9%
PBV 2.8
ROE 21.64%
ROA 12.9%
EGP1 4%
EGP2 7%
BSR (13741+33756)/34374 = 1.4

Greggs is reasonably-sized, and has earned about 20% ROE over the last decade. It's got a good yield, and its PER isn't extortionate. It's z-score is fantastic, and it has little debt (as evidenced by the BSR). I don't think this one is going to fly to the moon, but it seems a nice defensive stock.

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