Monday, January 2, 2012

Diary: Guardian's 3 portfolio

The Guardian recently published an article, where they created 3 portoflios at the end of the year: one by pros, one by students, and the other by a cat. Here's the selection:

Pros: BG. (BG Group), GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), ELM (Elemensis), AVON (Avon Rubber), IMG (Imagination Tech)

Students: MUL (Mulberry), MRW (Morrisons), SVS (Savills), BATS (Brit Amer Tobacco), CWC (Cable & Wireless)

Cat: HILS (Hill & Smith Holdings), (MRW) Morrisons, TNO (RSM Tenon), SCAM (Scot Amer Inv Co), SPX (Spirax Sarco Engineering)

It's interesting to hear about how the various groups thought about their investments. The pros talked about macro and good performance not yet recognised by the market. Apparently past selections have been been "mixed". One pro was beaten by a by a chimp with a banana, and another one only outperformed a radio presenter with darts marginally.

The students were mainly thinking about companies with good brands which they think will do well and considered to have room to grow.

Should be interesting to follow up down the road. I actually think that the students are in with a shout on this competition.

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