Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DLAR: De La Rue

Remember I was talking about DLAR? No renewed bid yet. Apparently Oberthur hasn't finished its business sale yet. Yield on DLAR is 4.6%, and analyst estimates on EPS are really robust for 2012 and 2013. I reckon you can hold onto this one even if a bid doesn't emerge due to the dividend underpinning the share price - although presumably the shares will tumble if Oberthur announces that it is no longer interested. Some may recall that my takeover idea for Sportingbet was a big mistake. So much for my special situations ideas. Caveat emptor! I think that a takeover approach is much more likely with Oberthur, though. Oberthur has been shedding assets, and DLAR's share price is still lower than their original bid. Oberthur's disposals only make sense as a prelude to making a compelling bid for DLAR.

I own a teaspoon of DLAR, and it's done better in 2011 than some of the other stuff I've held (Sportingbet for starters). I continue to hold. I'm not itching to get out.

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