Sunday, January 8, 2012

Diary: Software Radio Technology

SRT ( Software Radio Technology) is proving a very popular choice in the NFSC (Nicky Fraser Share Competition) over at TMF (The Motley Fool). Capitalised at £28m on a share price of 26.1p, it has £3m cash, a PER of 9.8, and a ROE of 38%. Analyst forecast for 2012 are 2.77p (+25.91%) and for 2013 3.61p (+30.32%).

Software Radio Technology Plc (SRT) develops and provides automatic identification system (AIS) technology and product solutions for the maritime industry. The Company is engaged in the research and development of wireless radio communication technologies and products for the identification and tracking of land or maritime assets.

Here's what the excitement is about:
Much of SRT's business is driven by regulatory compliance (referred to as mandates) which require fitting of AIS equipment within a defined nationally controlled area. The US coastguard are close to making a "rule" (different terminology but same meaning) initially covering 25000 vessels (from memory) all to be fitted in short order. Many other countries like Russia, China, EU, etc. are also likely to generate demand.

There's an extensive thread over on TMF, although the official entry has yet to be posted.

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