Monday, January 16, 2012

Dropping like flies

The market is certainly been acting goofy the last week ...

TSCO (Tescos) the supermarket chain - market cap £25.4b - down 16% on Thu 12-Jan-2012. It reported UK LFL sales down 1.5%.

ISYS (Invensys) the software company - market cap £1.5b - down 21% on Fri 13-Jan-2012. It warned that profits would be signficiantly lower due to contract delays and engineering problems.

CCL (Carnival) the cruise operator - market cap £4.8b - down 19% on opening trade on Mon 16-Jan-2012. One of its ships, Costa Concordia, grounded. The loss is expected to be $85-$95m. A drop of 19% corresponds to a loss in market value of £96m, which is about $146m.

Interesting times. Who's next, I wonder.


farmland investments said...

I think Carnival Cruises would be able to snap back quickly. This sounds like something temporary and it should not affect their core business.

Monevator said...

Buffett has already bought more Tesco as I'm sure you've noticed. Bought twice at just over 320p.

I'm feeling smug about my 316p now, though of course I didn't have to deploy Warren's $250m or similar in a hurry. ;)

Mark Carter said...

316p - great price! I'm in at 327p. I will buy more in the (unlikely) case that the price drops to 260p.